February 23, 2014 Story

When I was a kid. I am so proud of my grandparents. I am so proud of them.

They’ve successfully built a good reputation in Pemangkat, little town in West Kalimantan.

I am grateful of being a part of this Fu Family.

I remember… Waktu di mana mama sakit kakinya (2007). Sakit yang cukup parah dan butuh operasi. Fu family bekerja sama saling membantu untuk bantu pengobatan mama. Mulai dari merekomendasikan rumah sakit yang tepat, memberi bantuan berupa dana, support, doa, semangat, perhatian.

I will never forget the kindness that all of them has done toward my mother.

Even words are not enough to picture my thanksgiving.

I remember times when i was 11 years old. Jalan-jalan bareng keluarga. Diajak makan di tanjung batu oleh keluarga jichong nomor 5. Bermain-main dengan anak dari ieie nomor 6 yang paling kecil. Makan choipan di rumahnya.

Those little pieces of memory which will always stayed in my mind.

I want each of Fu family to know that I am truly loves them as a family. With all the limitation that I have, i do want to do even the very small things which I could do to love them.



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February 23, 2014 After Granpa’s Funeral

This is gonna be my first post in 2014.

Time flies. Yes, it is.

In memorial, Fu Fuk Hin. My grandpa. In his 90 years old.

Grateful that He is having a chance of experiencing life until his 90.

Aku telah mengakhiri pertandingan f  yang baik 1 , aku telah mencapai garis akhir g  dan aku telah memelihara iman. (2 Tim 4:7).

Above-mentioned words are what is printed on the photograph of kungkung (that’s how I call him).

Strongly agree of those words.


Masa perkabungan: Selasa – Sabtu pagi.


Words by words. Testimony by testimony. Voice out.



“When He finds something’s broken or needed to be repaired from the church in Pemangkat, he himself lend a hand to repair it.” What a heart. I do really want to have a heart like him.

He is someone who are able of doing so many things. One time, while my mom’s still 4 years old. Ada kebakaran terjadi di kediaman kungkung dan keluarga. Akibatnya keluarga harus mengungsi ke tempat yang lebih aman. They have nothing left after fire. Kungkung constructed a bed for each of his children at that moment. What a talent.

Kungkung’s repaired my bed when He’s visiting Singapore and I am still using the bed till this moment.” Ce Sophia.

For me personally, i am amazed with his capacity as a man. On how he could successfully raised his 11 sons & daughters. On how he planted a basis of Christianity toward all his children.

I am serving in children ministry in the local church where i am planted. Honestly, it’s really not an easy matter to deal with kids. To watch over and look after them. They a tiny little cute creature who need extra attention from people.

I am proud of my Grandpa.

In total, they are 100 members of Fu family (including Kungkung & Phopho) before Kungkung passed. 5 sons & 1 daughter & 1 grandson in law serves as a pastures.

“Every day. Papa duduk bersama anak-anaknya. Bersama-sama membaca alkitab. Bahkan di masa sulit setelah kebakaran.” Tua i (eldest aunty). What a foundation he is building upon his generation.

One night, in 2011. During my vacation in my grandparents place. “Phopho setiap malam berdoa untuk tetangga sebelah rumah.Supaya mereka bisa kenal Tuhan.” Phopho. What a heart that loves God so much. Even in her old age, she is still care of other unbelievers to receive Jesus.


What kind of testimony do you wanna have in your funeral?


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Infinite Growth

Currently in the moment when i am super willing to fall asleep (but dunno why this mind keeps working even though these eyes’re closed). So i decided to write…


Human is an awesome creature
Human has an ability to be flexible
To adapt with the circumstances and people
To respond well
To give a right response to people, different response person by person

We call it as free will
Where the choice is all yours
Precious thing that other creatures do not have

Human is super smart, super uniques, each person is specially made

Human could see themselves in their mind
Evaluating what they’ve done
Seeing again what’s happened
Learning from it
Assessing themselves

No one is created the same
We are all special

Human could experience an infinite growth upon themselves & their life
It’s infinite

Closing statement:
I am in the journey of finding the right method. The most suitable and efficient.
Or I may call it as “get to know my self better each time”.


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Work Life 2013 01 13

The important is to try my best in meeting the boss’ expectation on the task given.

Looking back to early 2012, even earlier… One of my heart desire is to change this attitude to be better… Career is actually haven’t yet become the top of my priority. It is the character which I am craving to shape.


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Dec 31, 2012 Welcoming 2013

Starting 2011 I used to welcome a new year by setting up a title for the upcoming year.

What about 2013?

I am actually excited since I believe next 2013 (which is tomorrow!) gonna be a year with lots of opened opportunities in front of me… A lot of choice and decision I need to take.

My previous post has clearly mentioned of my wants of having more experience in the new places where my feet never been set down before.

I do really need my self to be discipline in managing my financial… Lots of wants and plans wouldn’t come to past without best preparation.

Answering the question in the beginning of this post, i am not gonna make any title in for 2013… Just trying to recover much pending plans I have made previously and maintaining a mindset of having a better day ahead every time I thought of the future.

We will never be “there” if we don’t start from “here”…

I have a tendency to add more and more wants… Currently, the question that is coming up from my mind is “What about your previous plans? Have you accomplished them well?”

That question successfully slapping my face…

1. What about your 1 year time line of your work preparation in Accenture?

2. Have you really do “not compromising” the principals you hold in every decision, choice and doing?


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Dec 31, 2012

Randomly got my mind think of what do I want to experience in the upcoming new year…

Seeing back to 2012, I had opportunity to taste lots of new flavor by this tounge.. Very grateful on that.

For 2013, hope that I would be able to go to more new places–specifically to Bali and Singapore.


9.32 AM, Ibu Lia’s unit (Sudirman, Central Jakarta)

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I write this post as an expression of thankfulness to my brothers and sisters who have been very good to me…

Very appreciate of your care to me through the very adorable present which is also becoming my very first guitar. (:

A few quotes related to guitar & music…

‎”Listening is the key to everything good in music.” – Pat Metheny

“I am surrounded by great guitar players.” – Rick Springfield

“If you play music for no other reason than actually just because you love it, the skills just kinda creep up on you.” – Nuno Bettencourt.

“You’re always learning about this thing everytime you pick it up” – Keith Richards



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